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Trailer Wiring Connector

After a long search for a trailer wiring connector that can provide a multi-tow vehicle connection in a single sealed unit, I believe a solution is at hand. The Hopkins Vehicle Multi-Tow Connector appears to be the solution.

Personally, I have an aversion to what I’ll refer to as spliced (spaghetti) wiring. If you use a combination of owned and rented trailers, invariably you’ll have the wrong connector. Consequently you will need to splice in a different connector or use an adapter, if you have one and can find it.

This connector provides the option for 3 different trailer wiring connectors, RV 7 Blade, 4-Flat or 5-Flat.

Now for my specific purposes, I’d like the ability to connect two different trailer wiring systems at the same time.

Let me explain:

The car dollys that I will be using typically have a 4-flat connector, rented or owned. Occasionally the plan is to use a wireless battery powered LEDs lights with magnetic bases. These are placed on the trunk of my towed vehicle, specifically when traveling at night.

This Hopkins connector provides a 7 Blade connection for the wireless battery powered LEDs, and a 4-Flat connection for the dolly trailer lights. These connections do not interfere with one another, so they can be used together. The Hopkins connector is the only unit I found that works for this purpose.

Overall the Hopkins unit appears to be well constructed of very durable material. The door for the 7 Blade RV plug opens 180 degrees which keeps it from being stressed (broken) when fitting the RV plug. The door has a strong spring to keep the door to the RV 7 Blade tightly closed when not in use and retain the RV plug when inserted into the receptacle.

The door catch, see below, looks durable and the strong spring will keep it engaged. This reduces the chance of the RV 7 Blade connector coming loose or worse, falling out.hopkins latch

The kit comes complete with the connector housing, as noted above includes a 7 Blade RV, 4-Flat and 5-Flat connection, a mounting bracket, a weather proof wire boot, electrical Terminal Grease and plated hardware.

hopkins kit
Some of the items to note:

The housing has retention recesses for the securing bolt heads. This makes it easier to install and tighten the these bolts.

The rubber cover for the Flat connectors keeps the area free of debris between uses and each connector cover has tabs. The covers are easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves.
Overall, I am pleased with this trailer wiring connector suits my intended purpose, it allows for a clean, durable multi-tow installation without exposed wires and appears to be very rugged.

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