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Tire Pressure and RV weight

Tire Pressure questions

There seems to be many questions that start out with “I have an XX’ ABC RV, Class A,B,C, or TT, what tire pressure should I use…..”

Great question!! as we all know it is very dangerous to run a tire that is underinflated/overinflated or OVERLOADED.

To answer the tire pressure question there is some basic information needed.

First, it is important to know what the maximum weight that your chassis is designed to carry. All vehicles manufactured are required to have this information readily available on the vehicle.

This max weight figure will dictate what is the proper tire for the RV. Tires are designed to carry a specific range of loads. Once you have the correct tire for the designed load of the RV, to carry those loads safely the manufacturers publish weight tables with the correct pressure for each load range.

Sample of manufacturer tire pressure tables:




Maxxis trailer tires:

Note: Dual wheels have separate load rating scale with a reduced load carrying ability. Also, on a TT factor in the tongue weight. Tongue weight is carried by your vehicle not the TT tires. A proper truck scale will show each axle set weight.

How do I weigh my RV?

It makes sense to weigh your rig as you will travel: full fuel, typical water load, propane load, people, food, pets, belongings, etc.

Since we typically will drive on or near a highway during a trip a simple place to get the RV weighted is at a Truck Stop with a scale. Get fuel, food, then stop by the scale.

It is inexpensive to weight your RV. Some common sense here is to try to use a scale that is not busy. If there is a line of trucks waiting to scale, ask the attendant when a better time would be to use the scale or just weigh at the next fuel stop.  A little courtesy will go a long way in the truck lanes.

Where are the truck scales?

How does it work?

Is there an APP for that?

Hopefully you find this information useful.

Resource material:


Guide to terminology:

Continental Guide:

Michelin Guide


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