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Tampa RV Supershow 2019


We were able to visit the Tampa RV Supershow once again this year at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This year we camped in the parking lot just outside the main entrance. We arrived Wednesday morning and departed Friday midday.

The Show was very well attended as is typical of this show. By Florida standards it was very cold.

We met with many vendors and even got the chance to speak briefly with Marissa and Nathan of Less Junk, More Journey

We were impressed with their energy. Marissa, who is in her third trimester, was able to field questions and be on her feet for a two hour meet and greet. Hensley, their young daughter, had her own meet and greet on the ground near her parents. It was fun to meet with them. Great folks. See minute 11:26 on video. Tampa RV Supershow 2019 video

The custom coaches were very well represented this year. My favorite was a Prevost by Emerald Luxury coaches. It was a very clean, elegant design. Well lit, clean surfaces and impeccable execution. See minute 8:04 on video.

You can see more of their work here.  Emerald Luxury Coaches.

Of course, this level of coach does not make sense for our style of ‘camping’.

We quickly moved on to the other displays. Newmar had a very impressive display. Some new features on the CanyonStar 3911 include fabrics, a tray ceiling, a powered step cover and a shelf next to the bed with a 120v outlet. This shelf would be great for a CPAP devise should you use such a devise. See minute 13:36 of the video. Tampa RV Supershow 2019 video

We were able to catch up with Ken Williamson and our other friends from Newmar and met some new friends. We look forward to meeting others during our visit this Spring to the Newmar Factory.

We also were able to talk with the folks from the Newmar Kountry Klub. We enjoyed a Kountry Klub event on the Keys this Fall. We are looking forward to more events with the Klub.

Tampa RV Supershow 2019 video

Tampa RV Supershow 2019



Good X RVn View All

Thank you for joining me on the quest to enjoy a recreational vehicle (RV). Gail, to whom I have been lucky enough to have been married to for over 30 years, travel in a Newmar Canyon Star 3911.
This is a approximately 40' (39' 11") in length. This Class A is designed to be accessible for a person restricted to a wheelchair, which I am.
To answer the obvious question, as the result of an automobile single vehicle, and occupant, accident in 1973 I suffered a spinal injury at T10 resulting in paraplegia.
Over the ensuing years I have Learned to pilot a single engine aircraft, Commercial license and Instrument Rated, snow ski with a monoski, sail competitively and participate in various auto racing venues. I pursued a career in finance working for several international corporations such as Duracell, GE, Textron.
Happy to be retired after 40+ years of work, I am going to fulfill a dream of using a Class A to tour the USA.
Ever since I saw a GMC Motorhome in the early 70s I have wanted to travel in a Class A.
Finally we decided the Newmar 3911.

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