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Fuel Stops

Fuel Stop Planning

Over the last six months of traveling we have learned that planning fuel stop well in advance and have alternative fuel stops programmed into the GPS makes the trip much less stressful.

This video linked above is a compilation of experiences we have had. Recording our experiences at many different fuel stations may help the reader understand some of the challenges with fueling a large RV.



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Thank you for joining me on the quest to enjoy a recreational vehicle (RV). Gail, to whom I have been lucky enough to have been married to for over 30 years, travel in a Newmar Canyon Star 3911.
This is a approximately 40' (39' 11") in length. This Class A is designed to be accessible for a person restricted to a wheelchair, which I am.
To answer the obvious question, as the result of an automobile single vehicle, and occupant, accident in 1973 I suffered a spinal injury at T10 resulting in paraplegia.
Over the ensuing years I have Learned to pilot a single engine aircraft, Commercial license and Instrument Rated, snow ski with a monoski, sail competitively and participate in various auto racing venues. I pursued a career in finance working for several international corporations such as Duracell, GE, Textron.
Happy to be retired after 40+ years of work, I am going to fulfill a dream of using a Class A to tour the USA.
Ever since I saw a GMC Motorhome in the early 70s I have wanted to travel in a Class A.
Finally we decided the Newmar 3911.

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